About Me

I want a beautiful home surrounded by beautiful things but at this point in my life we are not best placed for cash (at a time when we should be relaxing and enjoying the spoils of our past efforts) we find ourselves at the bottom.

My interests verge on the Eco/Green spectrum but I love technology and the freedom of convenience it can bring. And while I have always had these views (lying quietly dormant) it is only since I relocated to Cornwall that they have crystallized. Life has chucked a lot at this family but I have always ‘done what had to be done’ to survive and come this far. It has given me resilience and ingenuity. It has reacquainted me with my ‘teachings-of-Mum’ her voice being a constant guide in my head (as she past almost 30 years ago)

In sharing my journey with you I might find salvation and you might find solutions. Cause in this economic climate and with the gaps in teaching over this last 30 years, there has to be so many in this situation but unlike me have no idea how to cope. No I don’t mean the open cheque book solutions of the media or the ‘middle class – lets buy into this’ answers. I mean a practical reality. Not the make do and put up.

More the ‘lets make this’ and make it look good.

As time goes on and this blog develops (I have always been at my best when things develop organically) I will have Items you can buy. As it is fine to have tried , failed and learnt your limitations. That’s why there are many very talented people that can do what you are looking for, they even may be open to barter with your time or skill in exchange for theirs.

So what makes me qualified?

From bullied/gifted/creative mouse, I blossomed in Art School. Got a job as a graphic designer in London agencies. One particular job morphed into interior design. Helped my Mum with her Haute Couture business (hand finishing. Have you sewn 300 beads in a week-end?!) It was cut sort by a monumental catastrophic 4 months. I rebuilt/reinvented myself doing floristry and retail while having a family. The one constant in my life being my husband and best friend (and the dream of living an off-grid, self-sufficient life). My hobbies have always been in the Arty/Crafty/Makey/DiY area (meeting Kaffe Fassett  in the mid 70’s blew me socks off) with a good splash of gardening and cooking the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Well that’s enough of me what about you? Conversations are loved here


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Love the tagline, surely 🙂

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  2. I think we must be twins!

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