imageBeing a night-owl, having breakfast at half past five in the morning is not really my idea of fun!

but today is different. The day I have known about, the one that has sat quietly at the back of my brain since the age of ten, has dawned.

Its quiet at the mow but soon the routine of a hospital prepping me for major surgery will start and I will awake tomorrow repaired and stitched. Today will have gone, disappeared into a drug induced sleep.


But first I will don very unflattering and ill fitting clothing. And I say goodbye to the view in the mirror I knew as me


This is a strange journey, one of emotions that strangely feel inappropriate. Others would not feel excited to go into hospital for open heart surgery but here I am! Nor look forward to it with relish but this is a moment in time I must walk through, I am eager to reach the next bit, to move on, to get on with the recovery and get on to where I’m going. Wherever that is!


Though I’ve not stopped making, slippers, pillow cover, and I’ve brought my sock knitting.

progress will follow after the morphine has finished and the stitches do their job.

And perhaps that’s what I’m excited about, the future.

 The dawn of a new era