Yesterday there was never a truer word.

He who dares wins.

I now have a vision of Del Boy and Rodney, the London eastend markets and my uncle Les bringing stuff home from the pub ( we never asked its provinance)

While my habit of never passing a skip without having a look sometimes annoys Mr Iss, it paid off tenfold. Especially when said skip was taken away before 9am this morning.  Yesterday then turned upside down along with the house. Furniture moving, cleaning and we won’t ask how that got there’s filled 4 hours.

  1. image

Finds like this make me seriously question the sanity of the world. It’s not broke, ripped, or smelly, it’s not unfashionable or unpleasant to look at, so why?

The over sized armchair it replaces was offered a space in the skip as we had very nearly emptied it and the look of bewilderment on the chaps face was a picture, when we declined.  A small pile of component parts are now ready for reuse.  Cotton covering was too far gone to be of use in my business so sits in the compost heap. Sheets of foam is stored to recover some kitchen chairs.  The wood frame in the wood pile and some squiggly metal wire stuff, the reuse of which is to be thought about.

There are some who frown upon second hand but when does antique turn into unfashionable? I’ve seen people pay a kings ransom for a ‘shabby chic’ piece. Something that is basically a junk shop find with a coat of paint.

This leads nicely back to my title……. Cause had I not asked the chap yesterday lunch time, I would not now be sitting pretty feeling like royalty, working out another post for another day making cushion covers.