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A serendipitous circle of karma is happening.

An almost unbelievable twist and redirection on life’s road.

I trust implicitly in its coincidences, it’s connections. My impending op, has been moved in time and place. Behind the scenes events, time scales and agendas combine in a perfect ‘Law of Attraction’ synergy. No one person in this long line of events has had complete knowledge of my lifes history, milestones, they have only facets.

The significance of time, place, word, action and person unknown in its completeness to anyone but me.


I have been given the name of the hospital and looking at the map……… Ta dah ……slap bang in the area of London my family were born and raised. Familiar road names abound. Bow, Roman rd, Old Ford, Victoria Park, Mare Street, to you would just be names. To me they open memories as easily as opening a photo album and flipping the pages. I am safe and secure again as you would be ‘going home to Mum’. To me those names mean a whole life, the Saturdays spent shopping ‘daan the roomaan’ . Summer sandwiches wrapped in a cotton hanky an paddlin with me handmade skirt tucked in me knickers in Vicky park while Nan knitted school cardigans.  Uncle George’s grocers in Old Ford and my aunts working in the shirt factory just off Mare St, to pay for Mum to go to the London school of fashion.


I marvel at the mirrors of coincidence within these changes and the changes I have been through in my work with upcycling textiles and my fascination with repair and mending as an art form.  It confirms my trust in the decision to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. For without research Christiaan Bernard would not of successfully completed the 1st heart transplant the same year as my specialist both told me of my damaged valve and assisted him in that ground breaking operation.

The circle of karma is closing, but it’s not an ending its rather a beginning, as it was at the age of ten. I look at the impending weeks with hope……. . More hope than I have had in years

my life as a textile artist and visible mender is rebirthing.