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With life comes challenge.

Ideas come a-plenty for home makes, product makes, blog subjects. Sparks of inspiration arrive with every bag of textiles that arrive on my doorstep. I out-grew my workspace in the corner of the bedroom long since and the hard work of building a studio from a shed shudders through Cornwall’s damper but mild weather.

But I’m feeling far from invincible, far from productive, far from creative entrepreneur. Side winded with a long term health issue that has finally raised it’s head and the combined failure of my technical knowledge & the failure of technology itself. ‘Lack’ has tried to beat me. I’m still struggling with the alternatives left me by the death of my digital camera. My phone is ok (well, it’ll do) but it don’t talk to the computer ( it should do, but it don’t), even geeky youthfull son tells me that ‘windows phones are cool but limited functionality’. Should I really understand that? I do and my frustrations when trying to use it (instead of ‘booking time’ on the home pc) bears witness. And I’m left with the vagaries of something called the cloud. I celebrate the mastery of uploading but yet to get it on this blog.

I’m gaining proficiency in social media, networking, life’s’ general chit-chat. facebooktwitter, even instagram and I’m there.

on a market stall

on a market stall

But my key to a more fiscally secure future hiccups. By the time I’ve made some pretty, I’m moving on to the next lovely. The photograph/describe/upload to etsy shop/promote the thing, all rather an effort beyond my preferred skills. Like the artist needing an agent so they can do their ‘thing’. Don’t get me wrong, I have the knowledge, the skills but the permutations strangle. Have I set the price right? too expensive? too cheap? do people like it? want it? am I reaching my target market? what is my target market? are the words a good read? engaging? it needs to be done, products shown to customers. It is a necessity both to put food on the table and now for the tax office (We, the self employed, have to prove we work hard)

This struggle is life, it belongs to the artistic. A need for recognition in popularity and monitory reward is nothing earth shattering.  But I have never wanted to be Van Gogh or Lautrec, famous now but unknown and penniless in death.

And so it goes! the uncomfortable ‘doing what I have to do’ to get on. The balancing act to get ‘Me’ out there without the ‘crushing the creativity’.

What is your struggle? How do you overcome it?