I had spent so many years being very successful at avoiding the ‘short biog’ always required of an artist. But last weekend the fateful day arrived, I could avoid no longer!

I understand the need of the who you are contact details.

I understand the what inspires you, what gets you doing what you do.

But the why?

Why you use that colour?

Why you use that brush?

Why did you put it there?

oh please, as an artist I thought you did what you do because you are driven to, you feel that way inclined when you got to the canvas or whatever your medium. I followed the Jackson Pollock view. “Do you like it? fine if you do- fine if you don’t”

But well I’ve bit the bullet and applied for a years residency with studio space and the opportunity to sell in their shop.

So I knuckled down and with a little help polished up something

Hope it was worth it