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A week and a half ago, in the midst of an AGM, I received a text message. So?

Reading it a couple of hours later, turned me into a child waiting for christmas. Excitement welled in me, a welcomed distraction from the past months of struggle and challenge. What was it making me so elated? A Lottery win?…… Birth of a child?……..

The promise of A very large trailer of wood!

what gifts and surprises will I find

what gifts and surprises will I find


I can’t describe the feeling I get when people are generous enough to think of me when they are getting rid of stuff they don’t want. Or describe the creative inspiration I have when I eventually receive said promise and sort through the gift. I feel blessed. What you feel is rubbish, I see as a resource, something of value, to be stored and remade into something beautiful. Ok, not all is that perfect resource and some stuff needs a large leap of faith in the creative pool. But …….

It arrived at lunchtime!

In the rain I empty the trailer, the work doesn’t feel hard, I do not tire. I have a cheshire cat grin. I’m seeing shelving, storage boxes, a partition wall and what I can’t use will be stored for winter fuel.

Some posts ago, maybe on twitter, I posted an item describing a delivery of 8 bin bags of textiles. Clothing, bedding, allsorts. You’ll see badly stained quilt I see padding or stuffing. You’ll see torn shirt, I repair it or use the fabric. A blanket becomes a curtain, a curtain becomes a tablecloth, a tablecloth turns into a skirt, a skirt into a bag.

One day (when enough people buy my makes) I will go further, turning more types of stuff you think of as rubbish into beauty, keeping more stuff that has taken time, energy and hard work to create, away from disposal methods that are not kind to the world we live in.

But for today Christmas came, an eagerly awaited surprize gift arrived and I can spend the next few weeks improving my families surroundings all for the cost of some nails. And a big thank you to the local commercial electrician and shopfitter from up the road.