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But it isn’t, is it.
It’s never just ‘one’ thing, never ‘just’.
I have spent a life-time fighting the ‘Jill of all trades’ label, always striving to be a master of something, anything.
The more I try, the more I come back to love the variety of my shroud of ‘Jill’.
You will have a mending pile,
I have the mending pile, the waiting for something to finish it pile, the I’m attracted/inspired by this fabric and want to use it next pile, the project I’m doing at the moment pile (and it won’t be a singular project) and the pile of stuff I’m collecting for that special project pile.
The sewing, The knitting, crochet, embroidery, patchwork, the decorating, the garden. Big things, little things, things in between.
A job for me never seems to be just the job. A flick of paint turns into patch the plaster and a flick of paint. Sowing veg seeds turns into wash the pot/find the compost/ find the seeds.
But this is the beauty of making a home from what you find, as you find it.
The thing you do stops, starts, stutters. It gets overtaken by a choice fabric, the rich picking of a skip, the chance find. You replace with something better, alter, amend, even change your mind. Your environment develops, grows organically with a life of its own. It even on occasion takes a completely different route to the one planned.

And therein lies the joy.
and the reason why it is never just one thing you wait for.

I’m waiting to get a camera to replace the broken one.