There is something quite cleansing about a bonfire. Sitting quietly watching the wind make the white cloud dance and play. Witnessing the mound of bramble cuttings reduce to nothingness, hearing a reassuring crackle before a flame jumps into action.

From the smoke increasing and billowing, enveloping you no matter where you stand. To the snap and crackle, a gentle surcoming to the inevitable heat. And then the flame, a yellow flicker brightly engulfing all in its path. Right down to the smell of the smoking you got, clothes, hair, skin, all with the unmistakable Eau De barbecue. I love it!


This afternoon has been spent allowing the smoke to envelope me like a comfort blanket. My mind drifts on the smoky wind. I allow my thoughts, fears, troubles, memories, hopes and dreams to disperse like the smoke up to the heavens.

It is something I have needed, with so much struggle, that stuff that life flings at you.

Now with a small area cleared I can start the process of healing, making new, growing vegetables.