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Someone once taught me that the success of every project lay in a formula, each part was interlinked and the portion of each part needed was reliant on the other.

Time + Planning = Money

I would add  that the amount of money available is the key. When you have an open cheque book it takes very little time to complete and even less planning. If you make a mistake it is easy to just buy yourself out of the problem. The greater restriction on budget the more time and planning is required. The #MMAH15 project has almost no money, therefore, it requires very detailed and careful planning and, more time. I cannot make a mistake.

I have decided to start in my youngests bedroom. The smallest and simplest. So planning!

We (Issie jnr and I) discuss a theme, we agree a shabby chic style (when money is tight, a relaxed cottagey style suites the probability of mis-matched furniture) but she does love football and Chelsea in particular. So Blue and white.


The old school way would be to search interior design magazines and fabric samples to create a ‘Mood Board’ but we now have #pinterest where you can create a virtual mood board.

I now create a ground plan with all measurements and a list of the minimum furniture required, the soft furnishings and finishing touches. This along with a tape measure will stay with me on the next step……

looking / hunting / making what she needs.