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There I am, a young 20 something about to leave home (not for the 1st time but does that year at an intensive Uni final year bed-sit really count) in my head I dream, imagine, visualize what my 1st home will look like. I sieve thought old catalogues like a child just before christmas picking out the wants. I have a storage container with my late grandmother’s house contents kept safe, to prevent the ‘stripped of money and sleeping on the floor’ scenario or the ‘max out the credit card’ and pay for the rest of my life, thing the 80’s yuppie era was telling me to do. The way I wanted to live still in it’s infancy.


30 years on and 5 homes later, I’m finding myself still waiting! All Sorts of excuses why it wasn’t the right thing to do from financial to putting others opinions before mine and back to raising a family got in the way….No…… I allowed to get in the way.

2015 will be different.

I have no money….So?

the house needs serious (and I mean replaster/rewire/hearing/plumbing kind of serious) repairs…..So?

will hubby like my taste in decor…..So?

This IS my home too. Over this new year celebration a slow dawning has occurred and Mums’ voice echos’ in my head…” you’ll never do it if you wait until you can afford it” I want it to be MY home and before I end up in a retirement home. My kid’s deserve a ‘nice’ home, hey I deserve a nice home!

Bearing in mind those 3 excuses above I may have a tall order. Then a friend is doing a project ‘Make Me A Wardrobe 2015’ (see previous post), about clothing yourself and not buying new. And having read her 1st blog post on the subject thought Hey! lets do that with an interior too! SO……..

My rules for Making Me A Home 2015 are……….

1, Use what you already have

2, Use skip-finds, freegle/freecycle, etc

3, Make as much myself

4, Buy 2nd hand if I must

5, Only buy paint, fixings, glue and paste new

I am allowing myself to accept new items (gifts) from friends and family or if handmade by another craftsperson.

I am making a start with our youngests bedroom. I will show you how to do it with our home what guidelines and helpful hints I use (and will help you) to achieve it. I’ve given the project a hashtag! So look out for #MMAH15. I’m looking forward to you joining in.