Another new year celebration. Another set of new year resolutions.


I look back on so many ‘Blue-Sky Dreams’ and over ambitious plans that were doomed to fail from the start! So many January-February-Marches full of positive intent but so little action!

How many of us have gone through the failure-disappointment-guilt-vow never to again emotional trip from then on? I have, so many times!

A querk in our family generations means that at the Christmas family gathering I’m watching over the great-great-great nephew (counts on fingers to check it’s right, in disbelief) playing with his new  toys. Not only does it make me feel twice my age, I’m reminded that failure is how you learn! I wonder how things would of turned out if Barnes-Wallace gave up when the war office didn’t think his bouncing bomb was worth pursuing or when the casing split at the 1st attempt? Would we be walking around with our mobile constantly taking our attention if Bell threw in the towel? Would 50% of all cancer victims survive nowadays if research didn’t kept going? So Why do we get so worked up at failure when we are ‘grown up’


This year I’ve tried to be different, tried to make it easy and more forgiving on myself. I will be grateful at any change for the better, any however small achievement. So instead of beating myself up for only managing an hour at the sewing machine, I’ll say “wow I’ve made 4 draft excluders to keep us cosy” and if I sometimes fail it will still be cool, cause beating myself with the metaphorical stick because of insanely high standards no one has set but myself, has become too limiting and above all exhausting. I want to enjoy success, however small.