I was planning to write a post about a door wreath but the Is-Was home has been side tracked by a relative’s passing. So when I looked at my ‘Blogs I follow’ I had to reblog.
It’s so close to the one I would of done.
Maybe next year things will be more settled
Just one more thing You’ve done a grand job Sprigasurus. Thank you and a Merry Christmas

Sprigasaurus living

The cousins couldn’t do Christmas without seeing each other, so, somehow we have squeezed in a weekend in Brighton before Christmas.

This is where the ideas for coffee sack bags originated.  You never now what may inspire us next!

We had some time to take part in some additional crafty moments.

We had popped in to town for a roasting tin to fit the oversized ham and returned to wool and balls and children various taking part or not taking part in creating a wreath for the front door.

on the door


polystyrene craft balls in various sizes, cocktail sticks, a polystyrene wreath shape, and wool in various hues of green and some red for accent.

  • wrap an assortment of the green hues around the wreath mould until the white has disappeared
  • wind wool around the balls till the white is covered. tie off end
  • stick each ball with a cocktail stick…

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