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We have all been leaping into action.

And 1st on our list was making the tastes that mean Christmas to us. The things that make a christmas taste like Christmas, that make it smell like christmas. For us cake pudding and pies are three of the things we can not do without. I have always kept a larder of staple basics, a list of ingredients that will always turn even leftovers into a tasty meal and combined with my Grandmothers cookery lessons I have a selection of wartime recipes that have worked time and time again. (All taken from a Imperial war museum publication, We’ll eat again by Margaret Patten. A book, as you can see from the photos are well used and loved for their easy to amend and simple to bake instructions)

Mince pies, a staple across homes and offices from December 1st and eaten as a snack or with cream (might as well have a dessertspoon of clotted cream) as a pudding


this version is prefered by our kids and we can use any ‘old’ apples from the fruit bowl before refilling with the festive luxuries. It has also been quickly made and sprung into action when you’ve run out ant visitors arrive, or given a crumble topping for an easy Christmas Eve dinner.


Christmas Pudding, like it or not christmas dinner  isn’t christmas dinner without that flaming pudding!


As we love pudding sooo  much we make tons of this eating it everyday from the 25th till new year. the flexibility of the ingredients is wonderful, easy to double up quantity or use what flour/sugar etc you have to hand. Making the end result either pale (granulated sugar/milk) or rich and dark (muscovado/brandy or navy rum)

and Christmas Cake, with or without marzipan and icing, is  eaten in a variety of ways.


I make two of these. One as the recipe left plain and to be eaten with rich, crumbly Wensleydale Cheese. And one in a small roasting tin (we love a inch of cake to an inch of marzipan & icing)

I have other favourites. Sausage-meat stuffing balls (such a fave I’m sworn to make double the quantity this time), brandy butter, festive coleslaw that must be baked and maked fresh (wait for my christmas eve post)