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Today was the first chance for a lay in. For weeks we’ve been chasing our tails at craft markets, visiting and the general running around that life asserts this time of year.

When I set myself this challenge, I didn’t and still don’t, know where it will lead. There was a time when, at work, Christmas preparations started in july! Products to source, campaigns to design and plan. Then November would bring the numerous Christmas dinners (then fashionable to be entertained by suppliers) By this time of the year I would be well and truly Christmassed out! The only way to get back into the spirit was to do this.

12 drummers (well 5 of us) drummed around the house trying to find all those boxes neatly packed and stored away since last Christmas.

Who am I trying to kid?!!

xmas decs

odd boxes stuffed, mixed, shoved, dumped, tangled. The tree dressing delegated to Hub’s and the kids and I attempted to find the lists punctuated by the tree puzzle……..

three bottoms, two tops, a middle and never enough feet!

Then back to re-writing the list (no doubt they will turn up on Christmas eve)

I worked with a guy (so long ago) who taught me that everything has an equation.

Time + money = planning (the amount of one depends on the other)

With time flying and money short we have to concentrate and give focus to planning



cards to send, gifts to give, menu to plan, recipes to find, shopping, time table, what to make, baking, table settings, invitations, decking your halls and the most important of all what you already have.

12 lists. Lists help drum up enthusiasm, keep your head straight and (in theory) stop you from forgetting something like toilet roll or washing up liquid! My timetable Always on the top of a clip board) starts as a blank diary, the lists help fill the details. Last posting dates, shop opening hours, work hours and how much time you have leftover. This will give you an idea of what’s do-able and when it needs to be done by. And sometimes it will give you a hint,