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Feeling Fancy


Feeling Fancy

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Just one day!

An opportunity given, like the rub of Aladdins’ lamp, to be gone in a single passing of the sun around our world. An opportunity to fill that portion of time with unmeasured luxuries beyond our wildest dreams. What wicked turn of fate could hand me a vast benevolence at the strike of midnight and then it to vanish 24 hours later, leaving me. Like a fleeing Cinderella. Would it leave a glass slipper? Something tangible to grasp hold of till I could find the moment once more?

I think of that tomorrow, plunged back into this life I am having to live. The things I go without, the deprivations I must endure, the things I am unable to provide my children. Would the experience give us an insight? a hope of what things might be? Or will it be a stark reminder, a piece of ammunition to be tossed back in some future argument, when the strain of ‘not having’ gets too much?

The genie presses me for extravagance, opulence, excess. But what good would that be tomorrow.  This Genie presses me for an answer, I think carefully as midnight approaches……. Do I ask …. luxury foods cooked and served till we can eat no more? A day of pampering in a beauty spa? Luxury, yes! but gone in the click of a pair of red glittery shoes.

Before the last strike of ‘big ben’ and as my family sleeps I have made my choice…… I select only small, local, independent traders and crafts people to share in my good fortune. Like Jack taking his cow to market, how I spend this fortune is powerful.

Filling my larder with basic non-perishable staples, beer and wine kits, bottling jars, vegetable seeds, electrical equipment that others take for granted but would make us feel normal. Would I look at the prices? maybe?

I would stoke the rayburn before I slept, safe in the knowledge that I could fill my fuel store, so we can wake to hot water and a warm room. Would I be able to sleep? Would the careful considerations be keeping me awake? Certainly!

We shop for clothes, furnishings, an oven and book the man to fit it, we lunch at our favorite cafe while ordering logs and fuel. Filling our cupboards to bursting point so that in the future days we can spend our money repairing whats broke instead of trying to exist.

But best of all, as in the final chapter of a fairy story, when the prince gets his princess and the baron gets to keep his home and the evil witch is killed……We come home to a warm home, take delivery of what we couldn’t carry and order a Chinese take-away. Our one purely selfish moment. A moment of not looking at every price, a moment of not worrying if the food eaten or hot water used today could mean not having any at the end of a week. And so with a “bibity boperty boop” of a song and a wave of your wand we fall asleep both warm and full, knowing that some craftsperson can do the same.