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Monday, the beginning of the week, well for me anyway. A new and fresh roll at life, a fresh beginning, a whole 5 days before the next weekend of family madness, a whole 5 days of time in front of you. I have planned, the night  before, appointments, errands, jobs to complete, ambitions to bring a step closer. Everything over the next 5 days, visualized and sorted.

But this is how it really started.


9 bin bags greet me as I open the front door, 9 bin bags with no note of  explanation, oh and a suitcase. Seen here in their temporary home, the snug, awaiting my rearranged time-slot to sort them through.

Since I casually mentioned I make stuff from unwanted stuff, a gentle trickle has landed at my door. At first people would ask “could you find a use for………” before a deposit was made but now (never sure exactly when the change came) they come quite unannounced. Like a surprise visit from long lost family members, you last saw at whats-its wedding and you were 12. The black bags have the same heady, heart pumping mix of expectation, fear, excitement and,……. and……… almost the same ‘Christmas morning childish’ curiosity. Slowly a carrier bag turned into half a bin bag, the a full bin bag. Till now we are greeted with this, far too regular for me to keep my home clutter free.

Every one, now gone through, sorted and labeled and put down in the shed. You see, what I didn’t say, was  it’s been tipping it down. So parts of the bags were damp, well wet… well very wet. So we have a mound of washing awaiting before I can even think about turning them into…….. what ever I turn them into.

My shed is now full and this is time to take my obsession to the public

Hence me spending an afternoon viewing studios and retail shops. Scaring myself with the cost of it all.