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What a week it’s been!

I have weaved a routine of visiting my fave Charity Shops into my weekly shopping. Setting aside a little money to spend on things that I kind of find, or what turns up and even what I need.

While my view on over consumption, is that it should be avoided at all cost, anything that I buy and bring into the home I try to balance with it being as a replacement and so something must leave.

But this weeks finds are for my fabric stash.

DSCF2171For £7.00 from 3 different shops I have some amazing vintage and retro cloth. And when the muse takes  me I will turn them into dresses for the summer or skirts or kids clothes or something.

Dresses that will be packed full of childhood memories.

DSCF2173This pink and lilac sample …

on our moving day from a 3 room flat to 3 bedroomed home in a London over-spill pincer movement from the GLC and a fat cat builder in the north of Hampshire. Mum was given an allowance to spend on furnishings etc as part of the ‘sweetened package’. Sis got this pink version and I had blue. Not only did we have a separate bed each, we had separate rooms! well for the 1st night at least, we both hated it, so Dad moved the beds into the same room for a while after.


The label on this said faded…. it reminds me of my Nan’s habit of re-using sheets that had thinned in the middle. Before they went too far, she carefully pressed it in half length wise, cutting along the crease and hemming the cut edge and stitching the selvage’s together. If it was too thin she made pillow slips and tea-towels. the really thin bits were quilted together to make cleaning cloths. When the cloths got too bad from being boiled clean they went on the compost heap. Thanks Nan for teaching me all those mending tricks.

DSCF2172And finally, At the age of 14, I went to a cousins wedding Mum made me a hot-pants suit! the shorts were white and the over dress had a similar print and the same colour on a muslin weight cotton and it had wonderful full puff sleeves. I thought myself to be ssssoooooo ‘in’. Thank you Mum for being so talented. It made me forget I was ‘on’