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“Oh yes it does”

yesterday we took delivery of something that in the run of things is quite small. For many it would be so ordinary they certainly wouldn’t be writing a blog on it!

wash machineYes you saw it here! for 6 months we have waited and saved and waited. And inspite of our best efforts with daily hand washing and the odd trip to a launderette, we sank under a mound of dirty washing reminiscent of a third world debt.

From the moment it was plumbed in, it’s destiny became far different to the one it had imagined sitting in the Recycle project showroom in the next town. A wonderful place where they teach the skills of repair and refurbishment, to people getting ‘clean’ from an addiction, rehabilitation after mental health issues and ex offenders. A plethora of furniture and white goods get taken in and unlimited amounts of TLC are lavished on them before being put into the showroom.

Our little darling has now turned our home into a scene from Aladdin. The third-world-mountain slowly turning into a Chinese laundry of drying clothes. Thank god we don’t iron!

The good deed it performs is also increasing another pile. This time next to the sewing machine. The zips, the hems, the narrowing legs, the patch a hole. I have a large note taped to the table, to remind me……… TAKE PHOTOS…. cause I have had some rather creative solutions for my take on a patch and that’s another blog.