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There’s a definite chill in the air, leaves are turning, as are my thoughts of the winter months. All the reasons why we bought the house we are in, at this time of year, conspires against us. With no modern comforts (another reason for our purchase) of central heating. Our time will be filled with wood! Finding, stacking, chopping, sawing, stacking again. Clothing will change too, socks, jumpers and if very cold woolen shawls maybe even a hat.

autumn leaves

For my sis this is a horror scenario, for me it’s a healthy choice I have made full of the memories of a blissful childhood.

Toasting bread or chestnuts on an open fire, the smell of apple wood or pine cones burning. Sitting in a half light, mesmerizes by flickering flames, feeling the deep warmth that has a whole different feel to the dry emotionless heat of a radiator.

We also turn the heat up on the decor front too. Heavy thermal lined curtains, draft excluders and knitted/crochet blankets. With the darker, longer evenings, its human nature to want to snuggle up. So this year I’m upping the quantity of cushions.


Armed with some curtain lining (taken from some curtain samples) and some fire proof wadding from a sofa that was broken up, I busied my self to day.

Some simple squares of fabric stitched together (I top stitch for a more professional finish) just because you recycle doesn’t mean you should ‘slum it’