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image taken from the Google search 'Boro mending'

image taken from the Google search ‘Boro mending’

image taken from the Google search 'Boro mending'

image taken from the Google search ‘Boro mending’









Any one who knows me will know my passion for using what already exists, the second-hand, the unwanted. I love receiving ‘cast-offs’ and I love something I call ‘honest’ interiors (found one yesterday, in a shop, the walls had been stripped back to the brick work. Every alteration made over time there for all to see It gave the place soul).

Anyone can go to a designer/architect with an open cheque book and ‘get the look’ 

It takes a bit of imagination to make something out of what you have got (An inherited home, the home you have, or all you can rent). Your home/clothing/possessions should say something about you, give a hint to others about your character.

Above all it should be loved by you.

I repair and re-make because I value objects, appreciating the work that has gone into each piece, the effort needed to extract the materials, the skill and time of the maker. So if I have an item of clothing (that makes me look good on, that fits like a glove) or an item of furniture (I love the shape or style, or it has a sentimental meaning) I want to keep it around me forever!

image taken from the Google search 'visible repair'

image taken from the Google search ‘visible repair’

There are two ways you can repair/restore something. The first is to replace seamlessly. The second is to not hide it but celebrate it!

I had a lovely conversation at lunchtime on twitter with others as passionate as I, on this very subject. Their web site is informative and useful and I have bookmarked it!


Why not try mending for your self! If you don’t feel confident take a look on YouTube or pinterest and practice on something old