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I grew up in a clean home, at Uni in my bed-sit I had a clean room. but now, with 3 teenagers, business all around…. I dream of a clean house.

don’t get me wrong, I do clean and put away after me but even with my best efforts they have all grown (like their father) muck pups! I could devote my entire life, from dawn to dusk, picking up after them…. but life is too short……I’ve so many better, more interesting things to do with my time. dirtyhousepots

Growing food, making, earning a living…I have learned to tolerate a level of clean. Not as clean as I want to be…but as clean as I want to spend on it.

every now and again it does bother me and I turn into a ‘clean’ monster. every now and again the OCD in me roars.

At times like this I refer to a friends blog and here useful tips like here


and continue to dream