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Yesterday was one of ‘those’ days. You know the ones…..

You load the washing machine for the little start/pause button sticks in the pause mode, it won’t come out, no way, you push, you bang, you even try taking the front off the machine. Its not having it! The quick phone call to the repair guy is frightening. Why a little repair costs more than a 2nd hand replacement, why can’t it be repaired! Why?washingline

So you spend a few hours hand washing, till there is no room left on the line. It would be nice to use the back door but the reality of having lived the way we have is biting. there is no money in the pot for the necessary repair to the frame. So you lug the bucket of clothes round the front.

It would be nice to have a roast dinner but the electric cooker trips the whole house out when you turn it on and that ‘pot’ is still empty. You’d cook on the camping  stove but the gas runs out and nowhere is open till Monday………ok ….like that is it!

We have a Rayburn range (the secret reason I bought the house in the first place) So we spend a lot of the year scrounging wood, another few hours are spent chopping wood and clearing ash.

At this point there’s someone going on about ‘benefit scroungers’ and their lifestyle….Mmmm really.

Now while this sounds a story of doom, gloom and despondency. While most people would give up and walk out. While your future prospects are nothing but negative.  And I’ll be filling in more forms to another government department, with the same info and evidence as you did with the form last week (so you can’t send it till the other department returns them and this form is ‘time sensitive’. So in actual fact they cant have it til you got it! You realize it’s just one of those days

By the time I sit around a table with my family and serve a meal, I’m looking at the good things.

A partner who’s a best friend and we’ve been together for 36 years. Three kids who, inspite of their own challenges, have carved out characters of their own and have attitudes I’m proud of. And finally I have a talent, making something out of nothing. From turning an empty looking fridge into a meal,  to revamping a ‘skip find’ into something useful. A bright and bubbly disposition. And while I have to fly by the seat of my pants till the mortgage is paid. Another day will bless me, with a bag of clothing or textiles left anonymously on the doorstep, or a walk in the fields will give us blackberries or some such, or I’ll sell a make and then life is full of positives.