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The day my Dad delivered me to the bed-sit I was to live in for the next year (while I did a ‘Fast track’ year at Uni) I remember one very important piece of advice.

No matter how sort of money you are make sure you have at least 1 night out.

And never was it a truer word, something I have always lived by. And tonight is the start of the week-end. With the approach of the mortgage bill due date, Mr Issy gets nervy. We live quite frugally but this week end is tighter than usual, we will not let it stop us celebrating the fact that its Friday night.

one day (its on my to-do list) we will start to brew our own wine but till then……..marmaladecake_1

I baked a big cake (may be double or triple the recipe) and filled it with butter icing and jam and topped with more butter icing. The 5 of us will eat it all, a little after the main meal of the day, eve if it makes us feel sick!blanket

Though eating it while knitting is somewhat difficult, it will be done. For 2 reasons really, first in a home with NO central heating, lap blankets are a must and second a full belly from comfort food is good for the moral.

I love the luxury of those blankets in the shops right now. Subtle tones, cable had knit quality but I don’t like the price. So scrabbling around, asking a few friends I’ve managed to gather enough yarn (not all the same colour but hey!) With my knitting bible I’m going through all the cable stitches. I’ll stitch all the strips together.

it will only cost me time and you can’t just sit and watch telly