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If I sit here and think  on the enormity of the task ahead of me, I may go bang and never get anywhere! A lack of funds should never be a wall, the rise of websites that advertise goods for FREE…….yes free now means with a little searching and patient waiting till the right thing comes along………. Sites like



I’m a great believer in focusing on the positive, so instead of dwelling on what you’ve not got….. write a list of what you have. Not just money available, but skills you have, possessions, even those bags of clothing waiting for the charity shop and the content of the shed. And the most important and MOST overlooked what your friends have (the guy down the road with the van, thingyies husband the electrician, or the cousin who’s just fell a tree in his garden) with some creative problem solving will all be useful. Also note how much time you can sensible give to making a home.


You don’t need anything fancy,so idea’s on the back of an envelope please!

Then let it slip to whoever listens what you are looking for/about to do. One casual remark about wanting textiles and unwanted yarn at my local craft club a couple of years back has meant me now getting regular gift’s. I never refuse anything even when I don’t need or want it, cause one day that person will deliver the prize of prizes.