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However much you need to fill your home with furniture, however many bills you have to pay and however small your income is ……….

You have to eat!

in general people have lost the knack to stretch what they have. I have been feeding my brood salad leaves on a almost daily basis throughout the summer the cost £1.00!


it was a tray of living salad, they were to be eaten, cut from the tray. But life overtook me that week and as you can see they ended up worst for wear. How many of you would be throwing this out now . I planted them on a little scrap of soil watered them with the remnants of the washing up water for a couple of days and…………..


within 3 weeks I’m picking the outer leaves. this photo is 8 weeks after planting and we are still going strong. I will be planting some more next week, this time in 6 inch pots to bring indoors as the summer moves to autumn.

Whats your best money saver that fed more than it said on the packet?