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Standing at life’s ‘front door’ with few possessions and empty pockets, for most, is filled with dread.front door
Today’s way to make that 1st home or revitalize the one you have is to hit the plastic buying the latest trend and making a home with ‘off the shelf’ style and a debt that takes a lifetime to pay. Then throwing away what you had with scant regard.
Is it YOUR home? Is it sustainable?
As a student at uni, I had a couple of boxes my collection of posters, family photos, a shell salvaged from a past holiday, some vintage item or two given by my grand parents, a favourite piece fabric. No matter where I lay my head, in halls of residence or shared bedsit, the content transformed the room into mine (even though my stay was temporary). In a way it was my home but not really mine.

Time has moved on, marriage, kids, house moves. Filling homes and emptying pockets.

This adventure is to change that even with little or no money.
With a bit more time, effort and some creative skills. You can join me in turning our surroundings into something you can truly call yours, a home with your character. surrounding yourself with objects you truly love, things that matter to you alone. Not a page from a furnishing catalog and certainly no loan the size of a national debt.